martes, 11 de octubre de 2016

The String

Nota previa:
Este cuento fue el resultado de un momento trágico en mi vida, como los caminos se cruzan en algún punto decidí escribir un cuento para ir a leer a la escuela de Agus.
Quiero mencionar que es mi primera entrada en inglés, idioma en que quería escribir hace mucho tiempo, pero nunca me decidí, hasta ahora.
Espero que les guste, lleva una gran carga emocional tan alta, que se me hace muy difícil terminar de leerlo sin que se me anude la garganta.
Dedidcado a mi gran amigo del alma, Horacio.

It was a cloudy, summer afternoon, somewhere in the countryside. Close to a stream.
There was green frog, jumping, singing for the rain to come,
suddenly a flying bee came and said
- “Why are you jumping so high?”.
The little green frog answered “I want to reach the sky…”
-        “Why?”
-        “I want to pull the string from the cloud and make it rain”

-        “But, you need to jump higher, let me help you”
-        “Yes, please”
The bee tried to help the frog to reach higher, but they couldn’t make it rain.
A bird that was flying back to his nest, saw the frog and the bee, and stopped to see what was going on.
-        “Hi, my friends, do you need any help?”
-        “Yes, this frog need to reach the cloud, he wants to pull the string and make it rain”

“Mmmm… I think I can help”
-        “Thanks” the frog said.
-        “You are very nice” added the bee
-        “Jump to my back and let’s try to go higher”
The bird flew for a while, and the frog saw a view like never before, he was used to jump not far from the floor or swim into the stream, but he never went to fly.
The little frog was surprised, he looked everywhere and was so happy that forgot about the rain, the cloud or the string.
-        “It is ok here?” asked the bird.
-        “No, no yet, a little higher” said the frog.
-        “Ok”
The frog wanted to enjoy this flight more time. The bee was bored and fall asleep. The bird kept flying but didn’t get where they were going to.
The frog started to shout very loud:
-        “I am flying…!!! Yes “with a very long s and swinging his right arm.
The bee woke up and looked the frog and asked:
-        “Where is the rain?”
-        “I am sorry, I don’t see any rain” said the bird.
-        “Never mind, thank you for trying, I never thought that I could fly, I don’t need any rain, all I need is friends like you, friends that show me a new world, even when I was looking for a string”.